About Us

Ambience is a recently founded company that takes action in the field of promoting, elaborating and supporting specialized business solutions for every single company (Outsourcing). Taking into account the random change and evolution of the business environment we provide high level services, having as main characteristic the complete and effective communication with the market and the consumer, in order to attain success in every company or organization.

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With a client list that is composed by some of the biggest and most powerful companies in the Greek market, Ambience’s aim is the providing to its cooperators:

  • Development (quickly)
  • Improvement (at their financial issues)
  • Upgrade (to their products and/or services)
  • Modernization (within the demanding financial environment)
  • Functionality (effectively and robustly)
We work as a trustworthy company cooperator 365 days a year, 24 hours a day that plans, takes in charge and puts through precisely the really needed services by its clients, having as primary goal the evolvement of integrated services of bidirectional and personalized communication, as well as the full management of all of this communication’s channels.
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We offer:

  • A great variety of specialized services
  • Experienced and specialized human resources
  • Quality of our services (management/ protection of data)
  • Full availability
  • A win win relationship (as long as the profit is considered)
  • Organizing and effectiveness of our services
  • Project contracts (with a flexibility in pricing)
  • Reduction in function costs
  • Direct inception and rapid completion
  • Well-organized and modern infrastructure
You gain:
  • Specialization and personalization in services
  • An increase in profit margin
  • Professionalism – Responsibility – Safety and security
  • 24/7 365 days
  • Saving money – Reduction in costs
  • An increase and maintenance of your clientele
  • Well-costing (pricing customized per case)
  • Saving resources (human or material)
  • Direct communication to a large number of clients within a short period of time
  • High coverage capabilities in a basis of size and execute time